Q) What time of the year should we visit?

A) One of the best kept secrets about travelling to South Africa is to visit during the winter months. Now we understand that for many reading this article, skipping the European Summer to arrive in South Africa during winter is an absurd suggestion to make. But hear us out:

  • You will be missing out on the tourist season, which means you can have South Africa all to yourself! Well, not exactly … but the queues will be fewer, the prices will be lower and you are more likely to secure the accommodation and activities you desire without having to settle for Plan B.
  • Apart from chilly mornings and evenings, day time in winter can be fairly pleasant and you will find yourself peeling off that jumper and even catching a wee tan! (We still advise packing suitable layers as SA is known to experience many seasons in one day – all year round).
  • For those embarking on a safari, some of the best sightings happen in the dry winter months as animals tend to hang around remaining food and water sources. Vegetation is also less dense, which offers better opportunities to spot wildlife. On an aquatic note, this is also a superb time to spot the Southern Right Whales!

Q) How do we decide which places to visit? There are so many!

A) Good question. It is difficult to choose where to go in a limited amount of time, as South Africa is overflowing with unique and special destinations; hence many people find themselves returning. Our suggestion would be to break it down:

  • What are your interests? Nature; Wildlife; Adventure; Culture; Food & Wine; City Life; Shopping; Wellness Retreats; etc
  • Divide your trip up into sections that offer 2 or 3 days enjoying each experience. If you prefer not to be moving around, then choose a location that is likely to have a few of your favourite things in close proximity.
  • Do your research. Find out what others enjoyed most about their trip, be it people you know or via online sites and jot down some suggestions.
  • Don’t be afraid of taking the road less travelled! Many people will visit Cape Town, but few set off down the Garden Route or along the West Coast where so much beauty lies! (Just ensure you stick to public routes and don’t go off the beaten track without knowing the area)
  • Travel like a local. Many South Africans spend their holidays in South Africa – so, find out where they are going and follow!

Q) Will we be ‘roughing’ it if we visit South Africa?

A) No! … Only if you want to! But take a look at these points:

  • Some of the most luxurious accommodation in the world can be found in South Africa (The Oyster Box Hotel; The Cape Grace Hotel; Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff; Kapama Karula Safari lodge; the list goes on). It all depends on your budget and preferred level of comfort.
  • The same goes for our healthcare system. Our Private hospitals (which are recommended for tourists) our more advanced than our Public hospitals and have some of the very best medical practitioners. There is no need to worry about being left out in the cold in the event of an emergency! (Please just check with your travel insurance before travelling that you are suitably covered). If you have read this far into the article you would have noticed our little pun we just threw in there 😉
  • As for our roads, the conditions of main roads and highways in South Africa are excellent providing comfortable road trips between destinations.
  • You will always find ATM’S in towns and cities and most accommodation offers wifi for staying in contact with loved ones.

We hope this helps you get the ball rolling! We look forward to seeing you in South Africa soon!

Hambani Kahle!



… for now 🙂