Education Africa

We offer students the opportunity to experience Africa’s astonishing beauty, greatest

sights and landscapes. With a diversity of cultures, a rich historical background, iconic

wildlife, the third highest level of biodiversity in the world  together with the second

largest economy in Africa, SouthAfrica is an expansive classroom that provides students

with practical learning tools and examples.

How It Works

We collaborate with College Professors to design an educational tour that is suited to

the time frame, budget and requirements of the course work pertaining to that

particular degree.

Lectures are incorporated into the trip, allowing Professors the time and space to cover

course work; speakers can be arranged that are relevant to various topics of discussion;

recreational time is allocated for sightseeing, meeting cultures and experiencing South

Africa’s wilderness and wildlife.

Our educational tours are interactive and our specialists and guides provide first-hand

knowledge for a unique learning experience.

Students majoring in Economics recently benefited from visiting South Africa and some

of it neighbouring countries.  South Africa has both a first and third world economy

making for an interesting contrast in living styles and methods.

We have been providing this facility for a number of years and it has proved to be highly


Immerse yourself in another culture; experience the challenges and opportunities facing an

organization in a developing country; extend your global awareness and enhance your

international business perspective.

Enjoy the rich culture and exquisite natural beauty of Africa!

If your College/ University is interested please enquire via our “Contact Us” page.