Education Africa

We offer students the opportunity to experience Africa’s astonishing beauty, greatest sights and landscapes.  The diverse cultures and rich history together with a large variety of endemic wildlife and vegetation provide students with a unique opportunity to participate in educational travel experiences in Africa.

Your education is of importance to us and we believe that we should make Africa, with its extraordinary bio diversity, cultural diversity, geographical variety and iconic wildlife, your classroom.

Our educational tours are interactive and our guides provide first-hand knowledge for a unique cultural and learning experience. We have been providing this facility for a number of years and it has proved to be highly successful. We will customise your educational tour to meet the requirements of the respective degrees in which you are participating.

Students majoring in Economics recently benefited from visiting South Africa and some of it neighbouring countries.  South Africa has both a first and third world economy making for an interesting contrast in living styles and methods.

South Africa’s third world economy is very different from that of other African countries resulting in corporations in developing countries no longer considering only the bottom line. The emphasis is now on the triple line: the three P’s; Profit, Planet and People which incorporate economic sustainability, social sustainability & environmental sustainability.

We need to live now without jeopardising the potential of future generations. It is now about people, culture, jobs, our environment and lastly money.

Immerse yourself in another culture. Experience the challenges and opportunities facing an organization in a developing country and extend your global awareness and enhance your international business perspective.

Enjoy the rich culture and exquisite natural beauty of Africa