It’s a good time to be in South Africa as we have officially entered into Spring.


However, the signs have been blooming since the month of August as, similar to us locals, the flowers aren’t set on sticking to a schedule.

From the 1000 different plant species and brightly coloured flowers of Namaqualand in the Northern Cape to the joyful sunflowers of the Free State, nature provides a spectacular display across the country.

Even though the transitional seasons of Autumn and Spring are relatively short in South Africa one can still catch sight of this colourful phenomenon as late as October, depending on the weather.

Speaking of weather, the West Coast National Park received ample rain allowing the flowers to show up for their annual exhibition. This has been wonderful news considering the major drought issues this region faces.

Photograph: South African National Biodiversity Institute

In the words of poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, “Nothing is so beautiful as Spring”, and we like to agree. What an ideal time of the year to be outdoors and taking in the beauty that is Spring.

Happy Spring from Safaris for Africa!