Big Cat

Safaris for Africa will show you the big cats of Africa like you haven’t seen them before.

From the remote mountains of the Cape, where leopards roam at the southernmost extent of their global range to the lion stronghold of Mpumalanga in the Kruger National Park – Alexander Braczkowski, an Oxford trained leopard biologist and photographer will take you on a tour de force of the places where big cats live and the challenges facing their survival.

His goal is to get you close to the cats and introduce you to some of the people who live alongside them (some benefiting, some struggling with their feline neighbours). Forests, savannas and even leopard track-studded beaches you’re about to embark on a photographic expedition like never before.

Alex who works with Safaris for Africa has studied conservation and zoology at the University of Oxford, before embarking on an apprenticeship with Steve Winter and National Geographic Magazine and Television. Alex has seven peer-reviewed publications on leopard ecology and conservation and ten popular ones.  He has filmed in Mumbai and many areas in Africa.
“Perhaps it is our ancient, primeval connection to them, perhaps it is their embodiment in our cultures and religions. Whatever it is, big cats need our help, and now more than ever. They represent one of the most sensitive families in the order Carnivora, and with as few as 5000 cheetahs and 20 000 lions remaining in Africa, they face difficult decades ahead” – Alex

Join us on this insightful and educational safari!