Driving through Namibia is a surprising and surreal experience with its vast surroundings swallowing you up the further along you go.

Leaving the towns and cities behind, you can travel for hours without seeing any form of life (as you know it) – a place where the silence becomes so loud you can’t hear your own thoughts and the landscape so huge you forget you exist.

That is why arriving at the coastal city of Swakopmund is a stark contrast after a long, desolate journey on the African road.

The city of Swakopmund is nestled between the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the arid Namib Desert. However, this is not its only astonishing feature. As you drive through the streets, the buildings reveal a past steeped in German history whilst African life bustles amongst them; a collision of two worlds that has produced an extraordinary spot on the African map.

Namibia has many great roadside markets where you can put your bargaining skills to good use and walk away with some beautifully handcrafted gifts or souvenirs. The market in Swakopmund is definitely worth a wander and is situated near the beach front.

There are also a number of stores lining the streets which will keep you busy for hours as you explore this delightful little town.

As we all know, eating goes hand-in-hand with shopping and you will find plenty of little side cafes and restaurants to choose from. Those wishing for a German experience in the middle of the Namib Desert can visit the Bavarian-decorated Swakopmund Brauhaus, equipped with different varieties of German and local beers.

The Tug Restaurant will also tug you towards the pier where you can enjoy great local seafood with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Swakopmund is also the ideal spot for adventure activities as most of these adventures are within close range.

From bike tours to 4x4ing, dolphin cruises to sand boarding, along with a number of eco tours to choose from, you may find yourself spending a few extra days here than initially intended.

Navigating Namibia is worth every second of your time. This parched land will leave you thirsty for more and the only way to quench it will be to return again and again!