About   Us

Safaris for Africa is a family-run tour company based in South Africa and has been operating since 2008.

We offer exclusive, fun-filled and stimulating tours throughout Southern Africa for solo travelers, friends, couples, families and large groups.

Our guides have a passion for Africa and the people, places and wildlife within it. With this in mind their hope is to show you Africa through their eyes and provide you with lasting memories to take back home.

Our approach is personal and our purpose is to provide our guests with an authentic experience under African skies.



Unforgettable moments for a once in a lifetime experience

With Safaris for Africa we could customise our trip, spend as long as we wanted in places and tailor it to what we wanted to see and do. As a once in a lifetime experience we had time to enjoy, appreciate and take in the whole experience.

Danny Waring, Trip Advisor